And another week 6 ?

After not running Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I am wondering if I should just take the week off and let week 6 be next week. But then I felt like running today and did the 4.7 mile workout with 8 striders, averaging 9:48 per mile for the work bouts. It was a little cooler but humid, 91F and dew point 75 when I finished. Even so I felt pretty good running.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have week 6 twice in succession. Tom says I should take it a little easier due to the heat. Next Friday I am in a 5K race to validate my VDOT, or actually, to see what it is. I'm kind of apprehensive due ot the heat. Last week took a lot out of me and I did not feel like running at all for 3 days this week. That must be a sign.

Week 5 Summary

Today is the end of week 5 of the 24 week training plan. I ran 4+ miles, doing the 8 strider workout. It was hot, but not as bad as yesterday. Today it was only 96 with a dew point of 73. I forgot to wear my HRM strap. In any case, I got 22.3 miles for the week against my target of 20. I will try to plan my long (8 miles) run next week either on Monday or the forecast coolest day of the week.

The heat seems to be the over-riding factor of training. I can't expect to run a prescribed pace in this heat. I am worrying about any possible cumulative effect of the heat stress. My overall heart rate variability (HRV) stress is very low, indicating I am in very good shape and the heat and running and all other things are not putting my heart in stress. My "fitness age" is 42.

I seem to worry about the heat more than anything else. Already I am worried about getting in a decent 8 miler next week, so I want to do it tomorrow, mostly so I can stop worrying about getting it in. Absent that, I should try to run it on the forecasted coolest day. I have tomorrow off from work, so I could run it tomorrow and get it done. That doesn't seem like the optimal motivation for doing anything.

The forecast for next week is:

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.32.01

The coolest it will get all week is 82 on Thursday morning at about 0600. The lowest humidity will be tomorrow. I am going to try for tomorrow.

In any case, I have no idea if I am training "on plan" because my paces don't mean anything in this heat. I guess I should just settle to feel like I am doing everything I can to train to the plan. Can't do any better than that.

Chasing the Shade

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HUMID but new shoes

Last night I bought new running shoes - $150!!! That was the sole motivation for goin gout this morning. The dew point was 74. I did the strides like I did Monday, all 8 in the 2nd mile. And quit at the 4 mile mark. Walked home, drenched. My VDOT went up to 41 and my fitness age dropped to 43. Still useful training, but just barely. Average pace is embarrassing.

mid week off day

It was cooler but humid this morning. I took Lulu for 3 mile walk, then we walked 2.5 after taking Altair to school. Then I rode my bike for an hour. My lower right back is so painful I can barely stand. How will I run 8 tomorrow and walk the big kids?

Home from Gene's Memorial Weekend

After Gene's Memorial Weekend

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Running past 100. After work

More Striders

After a long walk with the dog.

Zero Day

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Phase I Week 4

Aborted the long run plan.