Second Week 6 Summary

This has been my second week 6 in a row. While it didn't go as I had hoped, it went better than the first week 6.

I did "race" Friday night at the Moonlight Madness 5K. The whole idea was to race at night when it would be cooler and the race time would be an index into the Jack Daniels VDOT table. Unfortunately it was 100 at race time with a dew point in the high 60s. I did not hit my target pace at any time. I haven't raced 5K since November 2010. I did no specific 5K race training. Although my "striders" may have improved my form a little. It was very hot. My only positive takeaway is that I did not give in to the urge to stop running as hard as I thought I could. My first mile was 9:54, a minute slower than my target. I thought about giving up at that point but I kept going. My finish time of 31:19 does not even appear on the Jack Daniels VDOT table, so I guess I'll keep trying to train at the VDOT 34 level. Although the heat here makes that impossible. The weather forecast is for another week of the same.