Week 4 Summary

Lots of anxiety and self-doubt. Ending with a very successful week.
Despite an ominous start and anxiety through the entire week, I did manage to get all the planned runs, miles and workouts in this week.

Because of the heat and the stupidity, I struggled getting the long run in. At my age, long is only 8 miles, whereas it used to be 20 or more. The heat was so oppressive this week, I tried every day to run "long" and had to settle for 4 mile runs. Adding striders this week, I started out gently. Daniels recommend 5-6 comfortably fast runs of 20-30 seconds. I used to do striders after a mile warm-up by running 100 meters and jogging 100 meters. Those were on the track, so I ran the straightaways and jogged the turns. This week, I settled for one at the end of each of 4 miles. Counting off 30 seconds in my head.

I also settled for a very slow pace, due to the heat. The 4 mile runs are supposed to be easy, so I disregarded pace. Nothing easy about running 4 miles in >100 degrees F. Another big thunderstorm Friday night cooled the air off, so it was only 78 when I started the 8 milers Saturday morning.

I also registered for a 5K race on 8/31. This is mid week 7, which is the beginning of Phase II. My intention is to validate my VDOT with the race performance.

I also found another marathon plan, only 16 weeks, using Garmin. So far I've planned to start it at my current plan week 9, so both plans end at the same time. This will take more planning. But I have time to plan, since I can't seem to spend as much time actually running, as I used to do.