Chasing the Shade

really hot and humid long run. started late, finished poorly
I started out feeling really positive about today's long run. I walked Kellie's dogs a couple of miles at 6. Then I walked out dog. It was about 9 when I finally got out the door. I tried everything to stay cool. I had filled my hydration bladder with ice cubes and then chilled water, and put the entire hydration pack as well as a coupe GU packs in the freezer before I left. Took some ibuprofen, a salt stick with cold water. I was looking forward to it.

I paused at each of the first 4 miles. At 2 and 4 I consumed one o fate GU packs. Thins were going well. I decided to not stop at 5 and when I got to 6, I need to straighten my socks. Sitting was a mistake.

I had been crossing back and forth across Jacaranda to run as much in the shade as I could. When I stopped to sit and smooth my socks it was where the gold course is very close to the street. None of the 13 people who went by and saw me sitting on the curb stopped to ask if I needed help.

Then I started walking, and alternated running and walking back to the house. It was 8.89 miles. The temperature was 101 and the dew point an incredible 78. No wonder I was so depleted!



Looks like I am almost ready for my 5K race!


One more 4 mile run tomorrow will finish the week off on plan.