And another week 6 ?

After not running Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I am wondering if I should just take the week off and let week 6 be next week. But then I felt like running today and did the 4.7 mile workout with 8 striders, averaging 9:48 per mile for the work bouts. It was a little cooler but humid, 91F and dew point 75 when I finished. Even so I felt pretty good running.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have week 6 twice in succession. Tom says I should take it a little easier due to the heat. Next Friday I am in a 5K race to validate my VDOT, or actually, to see what it is. I'm kind of apprehensive due ot the heat. Last week took a lot out of me and I did not feel like running at all for 3 days this week. That must be a sign.