Phase I Week 4

Aborted the long run plan.
After the first 3 weeks of Phase I, I am allowed to increase mileage by 4 miles. My original plan is to run an 8 mile "Long" run on Tuesday, with 4 miles easy runs with strides on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. This leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my 3 days of Physical Therapy (PT) training.

Today's (Monday's) "long" 8 mile run didn't happen. I decided to swap with a 4 miler later in the week. It was far too hot today. But I did get in 4 miles with 4 strides. Daniels says strides should be 5-6 20-30 second runs at comfortably-fast pace, not sprinting. Since I am just getting started, I settled for one at the end of each mile, and counted out the 30 seconds for each. When I do these, I focus only on form, not on pace.

I probably could have gotten out earlier when it was less hot, but after an entire evening of dreading trying to run 8 miles in the oppressive conditions, and very little restful sleep, it just didn't happen.