Home from Gene's Memorial Weekend

After Gene's Memorial Weekend
I took Sunday and Monday off from running (and work) on purpose. We drove to Pasadena Saturday afternoon. Sunday we spent driving around LA. Met with Mark and family at Emily's house at 1621 Baxter St. Then to Cedar Sinai Hospital for Suzy to visit her cousin's husband. Then to Long Beach, but Sathany was in San Diego. Then back to Emily's for supper, and back to our hotel in Arcadia.

Monday was Gene's Memorial Service in San Marino. After the ceremony and luncheon at the church we gathered at his house. I change clothes and we headed for home about 2:30. Got home about 9.

This morning I am trying to pump myself up to go run at least 4 miles. The dew point is already 70 and it feels like a steam bath when I walk outside. I will run after we take Altair to school. Maybe I'll even stretch first.

Well, I did stretch first. And took water with me in a bladder pack. I ran the Jacaranda loop, 4.73 miles, trackwise. I did 8 striders starting in mile 2, and doing 30 seconds, resting 1/16th mile, repeat. It was pretty hot - 88 at the start and 95 when I got done. The dew point was brutal, dropping from 74 to 73 while I ran. After that, I was toast!