Back at it

Resuming training of some sort. For nothing specific yet.
After speaking with Tom on the phone and hearing his encouragement, I began running a part of each mile while I was walking for a few weeks. My running had dwindled to 0 miles week ending 9/30.

But the next week I ran a couple times to the cemetery, and week ending 10/15 we went to California. I had 2 runs to the cemetery before and after the trip, and I ran 6 miles on the boardwalk at Mission Bay, and 7 on the boardwalk at Long Beach. I was feeling pretty good and had a decent week.

And now this week, I feel like I overdid it. Maybe it was the tree trimming on the ladder Sunday, but as of today, I haven' felt like running. I'm also working more hours and struggling to get my 12,500 steps in every day. That is my only hard goal right now. Last 2 nights I've had to go for a walk after dinner to reach it.

Massage later today.